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Yoga for Pregnancy

Additional to studying and witnessing the benefits, I have experienced them myself. Throughout my pregnancy I continued to practice yoga, up until over 41 weeks pregnant, when my waters broke after class at my yoga studio! During labour I implemented the breathing techniques practiced in class, whilst using the yoga positions to manage my contractions and give birth to my beautiful baby. The midwives commented that keeping physically active throughout my pregnancy had an impact on my labour. I arrived at Blackburn Birth Centre at 11.15pm and she was in my arms by 1.28am. Using the techniques from yoga I was able to stay focussed, I understood what was happening to my body at each stage of labour and I felt fully connected with my baby.

Pregnancy yoga is one of the most beneficial and positive activities anyone can do while pregnant; not only do the positions strengthen and prepare the body ready for giving birth, but the time taken to step into a quiet space with your baby is essential for feeling calm and connected.

Pregnancy yoga teaches you to tune into your body and your breath. The stretches practiced help to alleviate pain in the hips and lower back. You are strong and capable of bringing your baby into the world; yoga provides a space for you to step on to the mat and take some time for you and baby. It helps to build your confidence, you know your body and your baby.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing my own birth story, plus lots of feedback from other Mums who have used to yoga to have a positive impact on their pregnancy and birth.

My YouTube channel has lots of pregnancy classes, or please get in touch to join in with Zoom classes during Covid-19.

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