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Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga Teacher

For me, yoga is being happy, healthy and feeling alive.

I first regularly practiced yoga in 2015 after moving to Dubai and discovering ‘Friends of Yoga’, an Ashtanga yoga group who practiced daily in my local park. Under the guidance of my brilliant teachers Hari and Babu, and as my dedication to yoga grew, I travelled to the south of India to further explore my interests. It was at this point that I decided to be a yoga teacher. Since then, I have gained my 200 Hours Vinyasa Flow qualification and have been privileged enough to study and train with teachers such as Michelle Almond, Taylor Harkness, Jason Crandell and Kirsty Gallagher.  Last summer I completed a 85 Hour Pregnancy Yoga training with Sally Parkes, enabling me to facilitate Pregnancy, Post-natal and Mother and Baby Yoga classes. 

Prior to teaching yoga, I was a teacher for 7 years, working in South Korea, Thailand and Dubai, as well as the UK.  Yoga provides techniques to help people to feel calm; helping to lower stress and anxiety by introducing methods that can contribute towards improved mental health and well-being.

For me, yoga is being happy, healthy and feeling alive. It is breathing… being grateful for an amazing body that is strong and able to do so many wonderful things. My classes focus on the most common poses and their alignment, on finding stability through concentration on how to better focus your energy and most importantly, tune into the breath. 



Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Caroline is a public health specialist who has been teaching health and fitness for almost 30 years.

Caroline's yoga journey started 15 years ago teaching a mix of physical yoga vinyasa or gentle flow suitable for beginners.

Using music and movement and breathing her flow yoga session suitable for all levels to promote wellness in mind and body.



Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

I first discovered Yoga just over ten years ago and my passion for the practice has deepened throughout the years.  Inspired by how Yoga practice can care for your body both physically and mentally I then decided to study it further.

In 2016, I left the Ribble Valley to go volunteering and travel. Thailand was my first destination and there I taught Yoga for three months in an Orphanage and a Burmese Refugee School; here my passion to teach others about the practice really began. My path then lead me to India for two months where I studied and carried on teaching the practice of yoga. 

After seven months of travelling, I then went to study Yoga Full time in Seville, in Southern Spain. After practising many traditions of yoga, it was Vinyasa Flow which had stolen my heart, and is now part of my daily routine. The Vinyasa Flow training explores the Eight Limbs of Yoga and also Hatha, Yin prenatal and restorative Yoga.

Feeling inspired and with a whole new level of enthusiasm to teach the mind, body and soul practice I came back to the Ribble Valley ready to share my love for Yoga with everyone. My teachings come from the heart, allowing you to fully connect with your very own practice and ensuring you will leave classes feeling nurtured and refreshed. 



Yoga Teacher

Amy has been teaching at Tessa Clemson Yoga since the studio opened back in 2019. 
I found my love for yoga while on a journey of self exploration, which started in 2014, and is still continuing to this day. 
I’ve practiced in some beautiful parts of the world but it wasn’t until I came full circle and arrived back in the UK that I took the plunge and enrolled on my 200hr teacher training course in summer 2019. 
Since then my personal practice has developed and progressed hugely, but so has my teaching style. 
While I prefer to be pushed to my limits when practicing for myself - taking risks and trying new things, building a strong dynamic (I’m a fan of hot, power and rocket yoga), my teaching style is slower and more playful, yet challenging at the same time. 
I like to provide my students with new and exciting options during class while still keeping the sequences uncomplicated and accessible to all. 
It’s lovely to see progression in the people I teach, not just physically, but spiritually and mentally too, and I feel blessed to be able to impart just a little bit of my love for and knowledge of this practice on to others. 
You can find me teaching back to back classes at Tessa Clemson Yoga on a Wednesday night from 6.30pm. 
I’ve also recently completed my children’s yoga teacher training and will be looking to take my pregnancy yoga teacher training sometime in the next couple of years.



Hatha Yoga Teacher

Shine has spent many years studying acupuncture, natural medicine and Hatha Yoga Therapy. He is a practitioner with over 12 years of experience across the UK, India and also the Maldives.

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