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Yoga for people who don’t like exercise

You do not have to be skinny, flexible, into exercising or young to practice yoga. The way yoga is portrayed on social media is not a true representation of what it actually is.

The western world has taken yoga and made it into a physical practice, sometimes missing out on one of the main parts of yoga - pranayama.

Prana (breath/life force) + Ayama (extension/control)

Using the power of the breath can bring clarity to the mind and strength to the body; it provides the opportunity to be completely present and in the moment, switching off from anything that has happened and all that is to come. If you have a busy life and struggle to find time for yourself, an hour of yoga can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energised.

Remember there are different styles of yoga and teachers, with studios often offering workshops or classes dedicated to the breath. Once you harness the potential of using the breath it can change your life; helping you to respond differently to stressful situations, appreciate the body and take care of the mind.

More information on what yoga is and workshops etc that are available at my studio can be found at:

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Lizzie Fisher
Lizzie Fisher
Apr 28, 2020

Too many Instagram posed pics are giving the wrong impression of yoga. Although I know that yoga is our own personal journey it is hard not to feel “less than” when you are surrounded by social media posts of competitive beautiful people modelling dancer or some other pose at the top of a mountain or on golden sands somewhere. Thankfully, I feel blessed to be reminded that I am more than “less than” and grounded by your posts and your teachings Tessa. Which I am very much grateful for ....Nameste xxx

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