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Yoga for Mums

Whether you choose to do yoga with or without your child, the benefits to stepping on to the mat and taking some time to stretch and breathe can be huge.

Everyone will agree that women’s bodies are amazing and capable of wondrous things. From growing and birthing a baby, to feeding and nurturing a child; as women’s bodies adapt and change, it is essential to take a little bit of time afterwards to help them to repair and strengthen.

Yoga can help to strengthen the core and pelvic floor, particularly postnatal classes such as Mummy and Baby where the poses are designed for women who have carried a baby. The asanas (positions) help to ease tension in the shoulders and back. Each stretch can help to alleviate aches and pain for anyone who feels like they need to dedicate some time to taking care of their body.

It is not just the physical element of a yoga practice that can be beneficial; all mums, whether you’ve just had your first baby, or your children are grown up, gain from having some time to themselves. The breathing techniques learnt help to manage stress and can provide some mechanisms for dealing with the pressures of every day life.

Yoga helps you to connect with your body and your breath, but Mummy and Baby classes also help you to connect with your baby. As well as some baby massage at the beginning, all the moves are designed to make baby giggle as they get lots of tickles and kisses.

Classes can be found on my YouTube channel, or for more information please get in touch!

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