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Yoga for Children

Before the arrival of my baby and pre-lockdown I spent my days teaching Yoga to children in schools and nurseries across East Lancashire. I love travelling from place to place and teaching children where yoga comes from and it’s traditions. They learn the importance of peace and stillness in the modern world and why taking time for ourselves can be so beneficial. Children as young as two years old have participated; little ones enjoy learning the moves, whilst older children and teenagers learn the significance of taking care of their mind and body, including skills to help manage stress and anxiety.

I love teaching yoga to children because it is inclusive. It can be adapted for all ages and abilities, including children with SEN. It is non-competitive, meaning those who may not have the confidence to join in other sports feel comfortable to do so. I teach children and young people how to control their breath, how to tune into how their body feels and how to stretch and relax in a way that makes them feel independent and informed. We gradually build children‘s knowledge over a number of weeks so that they can go on to create, describe and teach various positions. They are encouraged to think about which part of the body is being stretched and why it is important. Not only are they learning lots of new skills, but they are gaining an insight into a different culture and perspective.

Yoga can be used as part of nurture groups. Partner work can help to build relationships and children are encouraged to support one another as they learn their new set of skills. Adults in schools will often comment on the positive impact yoga sessions have on the overall behaviour of children.

Classes are fun and interactive. Although I can’t be at

schools and nurseries at the minute, I have recorded short sessions that can be done at home on YouTube :) enjoy!

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Aug 18, 2021

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