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Yin Yoga is back this Sunday

Yin Yoga is back this Sunday 30th June 10am-11.15am £15 ☀️

Expect an hour of deep relaxation followed by an extended savasana. You will be holding mainly floor-based postures for several minutes to target the body’s deepest tissues - the fascia.


Other classes tend to be Yang-based practice (vinyasa/hatha) and stretches target the muscles, whereas Yin goes much deeper. The idea is that Yin compliments the Yang in your life - whether that’s other yoga classes,

running (or other exercise) or balancing out a stressful job.

Working with TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) elements, each sequence is built around a season and an element to stimulate the channels of the subtle body known as the meridians or the nadis.

Expect to leave the practice floating on air.

All levels welcome. No experience needed

We provide everything you need (mat, bolsters, blanket, eye pillow), but just like our sound baths if you want to bring along anything to make you extra comfortable like socks or your own pillow.

Book online using the website or on your wix app under ‘services’.

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