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Yin Sunday 10-11.15am tomorrow

I’m looking forward to this class tomorrow ☀️

Yin Yoga Sunday with Amy - think bolsters, eye pillows & blankets...

Join Amy Sunday 3rd September 10-11.15am £10 for a calming & relaxing Yin session in our beautiful upstairs studio.

Expect an hour of deep relaxation followed by an extended savasana. You will be holding mainly floor-based postures for several minutes to target the body's deepest tissues - the fascia.

Whereas a yang-based practice (vinyasa/hatha) will target the muscles, yin goes so much deeper. Working with TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) elements, each sequence is built around a season and an element to stimulate the channels of the subtle body known as the meridians or the nadis.

Expect to leave the practice floating on air.

All levels welcome £10 per person - only a few spaces remaining


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