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World Breastfeeding Week 💛

An incredibly important way to spread information and raise awareness.

I’ve typed and re-typed this so many times, in the end I’ve decided that all I can do is talk about my own experience with breastfeeding. About some of the positive things you don’t hear much and the things that have helped me along the way. No judgement for or against, just me sharing my experience with my baby.

As a first time mum I tried not to outwardly say I planned to breastfeed, I took formula to Blackburn Birth Centre in my bag just in case and had bottles ready. I had heard so much about how difficult breastfeeding can be and was fully aware I may have had a challenge ahead.

But when Frances arrived, I felt like I knew what to do. I’d seen my own mum feed my sisters so many times. She latched straight away and I felt confident holding her in my hands and manoeuvring her so that she could get a good latch. She drank and drank and drank.

When we went home, I felt the same nursing her on the sofa, using a cushion to prop her up and then trying different positions to find the ones we preferred. I loved it and so did Frances. My milk came in and I panicked after a couple of days, worried to get mastitis but the support from my midwife and knowing I could contact FAB made all the difference.

I loved being able to calm Frances, to feel her relax in my arms as we listened to each other’s breath and felt our hearts beat. For me, breastfeeding has been such a surprisingly joyful experience. We didn’t get out much for the first year due to lockdown, but even now when I’m out and feeding I feel proud and always think that there might be someone who sees me feeding and it helps towards a positive perception. I planned to get to 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year…We are still breastfeeding now at 16 months and it is still my go to relaxing, calming, soothing technique.

I try to make sure my studio is a welcoming place for all, a space for mums to share all information and tips and tricks on all feeding. I really believe although there are so many factors at play, my positive experience is down to sharing of knowledge from other mothers, including my own. I’m so grateful for the people who share their stories and experiences so that others can learn and grow. It felt appropriate to share a bit of positivity during a week in celebration of breastfeeding. I talk so much about confidence during birth making all the difference. Why not feeding too? I’d love to know if anyone feels the same?

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