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Workshops - are they for me?

Do you want to try a workshop, but you’re not sure if they’re for you?

Are you wondering how workshops are different to regular classes at the studio?

Maybe you don’t know what to expect or feel anxious you might not be ‘good enough’…

Our workshops are for all levels of yogis, from beginners just starting their practice to fully fledged gurus with years or experience.

The point of a workshop is to focus on growing your practice from wherever your skill level lies. The essence of yoga is that we are all always learning, including teachers. There is always something new to learn or a different perspective.

The main difference is the time you are able to spend practicing transitions and poses to really understand them and ask questions. You get dedicated time from a teacher to work out how to get into and adapt positions to suit you.

Workshops are interactive. A chance to connect, try something new and feel challenged (in a good way)!

Our next workshop is coming up this Sunday 11am-1pm Arm Balancing Workshop with Amy Farnworth £30.

Amy is one of our fab teachers, usually found at the studio on a Wednesday night. During the session, Amy will guide you and help you gain confidence and explore your capabilities.

Please book online

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