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Why going to a yoga class is better than online

Updated: May 16, 2022

There are lots of benefits of doing online classes; people can connect from further away, have access to a variety of teachers from all over the world and learn new styles. In Lockdown online classes kept us going, and they're still a feature of the studio timetable...

However, nothing beats a class in the studio.


- You enter a space that is calming, relaxing and without any distractions. You won't be able to hear the washing machine going or be tempted to nip off at the end of savasana (relaxation) to finish any jobs.

- An hour away from your phone means you are un-contactable for an hour, and that feels like bliss.

- Experienced teachers can watch your position and correct you when needed, not only preventing injury but allowing you to strengthen your practice week to week.

- You can meet new people who are like-minded and very friendly. Even if you choose not to chat, classes are a great way of building confidence - especially in post-covid times when we're all getting used to leaving the house again.

- Equipment is provided, whether you need a mat, strap, block, blanket. Of course you can bring your own, but being able to borrow them means you can come straight from work (or before) and don't need to worry about what you've packed.

- Broaden your horizons - you'll hear new music, new outlooks and new ideas. You'll realise how many nice people live nearby and how much good stuff there is to do (yoga, sound baths, workshops, meet-ups).

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