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September’s here! ✨

Do you need to get back into a routine?

Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself after summer?

Is your body achy and tired and you need some energy?

Yoga is perfect for taking some time for yourself, giving you space to reflect on what your body and mind needs, stretching and strengthening you so that you leave feeling relaxed, calm and energised.

Tessa Clemson Yoga studio in Great Harwood offers a range of classes from a group of experienced and welcoming yoga teachers. There is a class to suit everybody, whether you’re looking for a way to wind down at night, an early morning class to start your day or if you’re a beginner… our timetable offers a selection of brilliant classes both day and night throughout the week.

To view the timetable and for bookings please visit or if you’d like a little bit more information please get in touch 📧

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Anyone free for filming tomorrow please?

There’s some promotional filming at the studio tomorrow (Monday), is anyone free to be the yogis please? Can be any time between 1.30-3.30pm If so please send me a message or email, thank you so much


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