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Pregnancy & Getting Ready to Meet your Baby

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Being pregnant is a funny time, your body is changing, your hormones are in full force and you are trying to prepare for your little baby arriving and your life changing forever.

It’s magical, empowering and exciting, but it’s also very strange. If you are pregnant at the minute and in self-isolation here are a few tips on how to feel positive, reassured and focussed on the most wonderful thing that will ever happen to you- meeting your baby!

Connect with baby - use this time to connect with your baby, whether through lying down and visualising baby, having a bath and telling baby all about your day, or playing your favourite music. My baby recognises music from yoga classes because she heard them so often, make a playlist of your favourite songs and play it regularly, you might even use it when giving birth. Notice little quirks your baby has as a bump, you will probably recognise them when your baby is born too! Take time to fill in any baby books you have. I was bought a brilliant book called ‘Letters to my Baby‘ with lots of pages making predictions for baby or telling them your wishes for their future.

Nest - get your house ready for baby’s arrival. Put their Moses basket in place, wash their clothes, set their room out. This will also help with connecting and visualising baby.

Prepare for birth - whether you are practicing yoga, have done Hypnobirthing or are reading lots of books, spend lots of time making yourself as informed as possible ready for giving birth. It is important to prepare physically as well as mentally. Research your birth options - remember, knowledge is power. At every stage of giving birth I was aware of what was happening to my body and that helped to manage any worries and alleviate fear. Practice breathing, teach your birth partner too so that they can support you when the time comes.

Pamper yourself - take lots of baths, apply hair masks, face masks, paint your nails... these will all be luxuries when your baby arrives.

Enjoy time with your partner - especially eating tea together, we’ve managed one meal together in this first month. Cuddle, relax and relish doing nothing.

Connect with others - talk to people about how you are feeling. Use social media and online classes to check in with other mums-to-be. You are not alone, lots of anxieties and worries can be reassured just by saying them out loud.

Do you have any other tips for staying busy and positive during pregnancy?

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