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Updated: May 16, 2022

I was first introduced to the world of Yoga when I was 16 weeks pregnant with my second Baby. I was being closely monitored by the Consultant at Burnley General Hospital every week as our previous pregnancy sadly ended at 16+6. It had taken us a further 2 years to get pregnant again and my anxiety during this precious time was sky high. During a midwife’s appointment at the hospital the staff noticed my BP was high. She noticed I was very up tight, nervous, worried and scared. She asked me what I did to relax, and advised me to consider taking up Pregnancy Yoga, I actually burst out laughing! YOGA! I’m not a skinny bean and I definitely can’t bend my blumming leg round my neck, what on earth was she thinking? As we came away from the appointment my husband said why don’t you look into Pregnancy Yoga? So I did, and that’s when I met Tessa.

I needed something to give me some sense of focus and positivity. I initially spoke to Tessa on the phone telling her my journey on becoming pregnant again and explaining I’ve never done yoga before, not even been the gym in years! Tessa was so warming and I automatically felt a sense of calm. I booked in my first Pregnancy Yoga class with Tessa and I was extremely nervous about going, I didn’t own any “gym clothes” Tessa explained to come in something comfortable and to bring a bottle of water and a blanket. I was intrigued with the blanket request but I went with it!

I turned up to my first class and was so nervous, as soon as I met Tessa I was immediately put at ease. The room was set beautifully, calming music, candles and subtle lighting. We began the class and I was blown away, by the end I actually cried. I felt amazing!! It was such an emotional positive experience. My anxiety was gone! I felt like I was walking on clouds. How could “exercise” do this?! Throughout my pregnancy each week I continued to go to Tessa’s Classes and she taught me so much about my baby and my body.

One of the most amazing things I learnt was the Golden Thread breathing technique; I used this on a daily basis to help me with my anxiety, especially at my consultant appointments at the hospital. I recall having my BP checked and it was high, I asked her to let me do my Golden Thread Breathing and while I was doing that she retook my BP, it was a perfect reading! I did the breathing every time and my BP was bang on.

The latter stages of pregnancy deemed to be challenging, at 36 weeks the baby was in a transverse lie position and I was booked in for an ECV (manually turn the baby). I was so worried as you can imagine, I explained this to Tessa at our class and she adapted the entire class for my needs, giving me positions to do at home too. Would it work? Could doing these Yoga techniques turn my baby? The answer was YES! IT DID!!! He turned! Absolutely AMAZING! I used my Golden Thread Breathing Technique during the birth too. The midwife asked me how I had learnt to breathe like I did, I told her my lovely Yoga teacher Tessa.

I can’t thank being introduced to Tessa and her Yoga classes enough. She and her wonderful Yoga got me through the pregnancy healthier and happier in mind, body and soul. We were blessed on 18th March 2019 with a beautiful healthy baby boy, Harry. I breast fed Harry from birth but as he got older his feeding demands were too much for me to keep up with so we decided to combine feed. Harry has just turned 1! Where did that year go? Looking back I realise how fabulous my pregnancy and birth was.

It's your journey and your birth story, nobody elses. My one piece of advice make Tessa and her Yoga part of it. And I know your probably still guessing about the blanket request to take to each class…..well, you’ll never know if you don’t go!

Thank you Tessa! You’re amazing!

“Tessa Clemson Yoga - your yoga studio in Great Harwood, serving Hyndburn, Blackburn with Darwen, Ribble Valley & Burnley”

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