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Updated: May 16, 2022

I started doing Tessa's pregnancy yoga at around 12 weeks after never doing yoga before. I did feel like a fraud as I barely had a bump and surrounded by other beautiful mama's nearly ready to pop (and all looking far more bendy than me!).

As my pregnancy went on I surprised myself and became much more in tune with my body and also being able to do downward dog up until the week before I had Ethan was a shock! I found it was not only the physical aspect I enjoyed, it also gave me a huge amount of confidence, that it was my body and I could question anything I was told medically!

Throughout my pregnancy I was measuring large, they estimated he would be around 10lb9, I ended up being induced a week early with the intention of being able to deliver naturally. I was given one dose of the gel which worked, however due to a shortage of Midwives I was left for 3 nights on a ward waiting for my waters to be broken. By the third day I was going a bit stir crazy, Tessa had messaged to check how I was getting on, I explained the situation and she gave me loads of information on people I could contact at the hospital to speed things up a bit. Before doing yoga I believe I wouldn't have wanted to cause a fuss so would have just kept quiet and gone with it.

I also got Jason to bring my yoga mat and ball and thought I will just get this baby out myself! I ended up losing my plug after doing about an hour of deep stretches.

That night at midnight the midwife came to take me upstairs to the delivery suite, I did intend on having a birthing pool but by this point I just wanted him out! I started out really well, just breathing through the contractions while on an exercise ball using the techniques I had learnt. However after 4 hours of contractions I had gone from 4cm-6cm and was really struggling with the pain and was utterly exhausted from the lack of sleep. I asked for pain relief and because I wanted to remember the birth I opted for an epidural, after 3 failed attempts they were going to get another person to try but I said no as I didn't want it to be forced. My midwife suggested Dihydrocodeine to allow me to get some rest so we went with that.

I remember waking up and there being more people in the room and asking Jason who they were, he said they were going to take me for a section as Ethan's heart rate kept dropping and they didn't think I was up to pushing. Something clicked and I was fully awake and aware again and knew I had to get him out safely, I asked my midwife what I needed to do, and she had told me I was fully dilated so if I felt I could push I should. I somehow found it in me to push and safely got him out after pushing for just 5 minutes, through 3 contractions.

Although my birth didn't go anything like how I had imagined or planned, I believe I was fully in control throughout and I am truly amazed by what my body can do! And the moment they put Ethan on my chest it made it all worth it.

I can't thank Tessa enough for not only making me physically strong enough to endure the birth but for the support during my pregnancy, the birth and afterwards.

“Tessa Clemson Yoga - your yoga studio in Great Harwood, serving Hyndburn, Blackburn with Darwen, Ribble Valley & Burnley”

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