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Updated: May 16, 2022

I really enjoyed doing yoga during Pregnancy as a way to relax, ease any aches and pains and to spend some time bonding with my baby. Often after a busy day at work I’d be quite achey, particularly in the lower back area and spending some time in different yoga positions helped to make me more comfortable. It was also really nice to take some time to think about my baby and build that connection before birth!

Pregnancy can be quite a worrying time when so many strange things are happening to your body so it was great to meet up with other mums to be each week and discuss it and also to spend some time relaxing and focusing on a goal for the session to make your mind a little less busy.

During birth I used the breathing techniques we had practised in yoga to breathe through my contractions which personally I found really useful to manage the pain.

I had done a Hypnobirthing class prior to starting pregnancy yoga and I felt like the two complimented each other well in terms of promoting a good posture to help baby move down into the pelvis and practising breathing techniques. I felt confident going into labour, even when things weren’t going to plan!

This was my first baby and I’d definitely do pregnancy yoga again if I were to have another, I can’t be sure but I felt that pregnancy yoga helped to move my baby down ready for birth.

I would definitely recommend pregnancy yoga and have done to several of my pregnant friends! ✨

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