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POSITIVE BIRTH STORY - Danielle & Orla ✨

I attended pregnancy yoga with Tessa from around 14 weeks, plus my and my partner did the 1:1 Hypnobirthing sessions with Jennie so by the time my due date came and passed I felt really calm and well prepared for the birth.

At 37 weeks we decided to have a home birth. Eight days past my due date I started with contractions on the 14th of May at 5am. I felt all the contractions in my back so I wasn't entirely sure it was labour. We went for a walk and went shopping, we just tried to be as normal as possible during the day. That evening around 10pm things became more intense so we decided to call the midwife. Much to our suprise and the midwife I was already 5cm. The midwife commented how when she saw me she did not believe I was in true labour because of how calm I was.

My partner got the living room set up into a beautiful environment with a birthing pool, fairy lights and my favourite things surrounding me. I calmly breathed through each contraction and felt so relaxed and at peace. At 4am I had progressed to 8cm. We felt so excited that we weren't too far off meeting our baby now.

Unfortunately time went on and I did not progress past 8cm at home so the decision was made that it was for the best for me to go into hospital. Initially, I refused to go and I tried all I could at home doing lots of yoga positions that I had learnt at Tessa's studio.

Again the midwives were in shock I was doing 'downward dog' at 8cm. I felt well informed and still in control. I did not feel disappointed about going into hospital because I knew I had done all I could and it was best for our safety to go into hospital. Shortly after arriving at Burnley baby's heart rate began to drop with each contraction so I was rushed for an emergency c section. I knew I needed to use all I had learnt in my hypnobirthing/yoga classes to keep calm and focus.

I focused on my breathing and kept totally calm, even reassuring my partner that everything was going to be okay. Órla arrived safely on the 15/5/22 2:25pm. The way in which the birth happened could not have been further away from what I imagined however, I would not change a thing.

The whole experience was so positive. Managing to labour at home for all that time was wonderful and the treatment we received at home and in hospital was just amazing. I cannot thank Tessa and Jennie enough as without them I know it would have been totally different experience. I would recommend everyone doing pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing 100%. The tools I have learnt I will take with me through life.

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