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Updated: May 16, 2022

I attended the lovely Tessa's Pregnancy Yoga classes whilst I was pregnant with our little boy, Rio in 2018. I only wish I had known about them earlier in my pregnancy as they had a huge positive impact on me physically & mentally. Rio is our first baby; if we are lucky enough to have more I will 100% be attending yoga classes with Tessa throughout my next pregnancy.

I looked forward to the class every week for many reasons; I enjoyed seeing the other Mums (two of which I am still friends with now), I loved the physical benefits I got from practicing yoga; feeling strong, flexible and less tense. It also really helped to ease any aches & pains I had been suffering with, particularly in my lower back (more so than some of the regular pregnancy massages I had!) It really helped me to feel more in tune with my ever expanding pregnant body, (that sometimes didn't even feel like it belonged to me!) I was able to move with fluidity & flexibility after feeling heavy & stiff all day; it was quite remarkable! The sessions made me feel composed & eased anxieties I had about my pregnancy & the birth. My husband would often comment on how much calmer I was when I got home. I loved listening to Tessa's gentle voice guide us through the moves, the breathing & the intentions. But above all, for me personally, the greatest benefit I enjoyed from pregnancy yoga was the overpowering sense of connection I felt with our unborn baby. I remember feeling really overwhelmed with emotion & love after the sessions, with a powerful sense of "You've got this Mama!"

My labour was quite long. My contractions began on the Friday afternoon at 3pm whilst out walking. I carried on with my plans for the day, including going to a beauty appointment I had booked! I had a bath that evening & rested at home as much as I could. We went to hospital on Saturday morning and Rio made his glorious arrival on Sunday morning at 6.43am. He was delivered by an emergency cesarian section. It was daunting; I didn’t have much time to come to terms with the idea. This was definately not the way I had dreamed of birthing our baby. But I remained calm.

My husband was brilliant & an unbelievable support. As was my amazing midwife & friend Jess, who took care of me throughout my pregnancy & labour. I remembered to breathe deeply just as Tessa had taught me; I trusted completely that this was what was best for my baby and my body. I put all my faith in the incredible midwives, doctors, nurses, anaesthetist & surgeon. "We've got a baby boy!" I vividly remember my husband saying; the single best moment of my life. And our perfect baby boy was in my arms safe & sound!

I believe that pregnancy yoga had a positive impact on how I dealt with my labour as well as unexpected situations that arose during it. I can imagine that the advantages would have been even greater if I had started the yoga classes earlier in my pregnancy! I highly recommend Tessa's Pregnancy Yoga to every single 'Mum to be' that I meet!​

“Tessa Clemson Yoga - your yoga studio in Great Harwood, serving Hyndburn, Blackburn with Darwen, Ribble Valley & Burnley”

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