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POSITIVE BIRTH STORY - Bianca & Ernest ✨

Updated: May 16, 2022

I started doing pregnancy yoga when I was around 13 weeks pregnant. I found the sessions really helped me to connect with my baby early on and also helped me to zone out and focus. I also enjoyed the exercise and stretches to help with any aches I had, especially near the end of my pregnancy.

I went 11 days over my ‘estimated due date’ still very active, walking and doing yoga and the baby did not seem to want to enter the world yet!

I had also done the Hypnobirthing sessions, which Tessa had informed me about so I felt very prepared to go down any avenue for the birth.

I booked an outpatients induction pessary and was able to go home afterwards and return in 24 hours. This meant I was able to relax, do yoga, eat some lovely food and watch some nice programs. I felt very relaxed and had very mild cramps.

In the middle of the night my belly felt very hard and I felt I had some reduced movements so we went back to Burnley to be monitored. Again I was able to use the yoga breathing to keep calm and not worry about what could happen.

Once I was on the induction bay I was constantly on the ball using yoga techniques.

I was then given a gel and not long after, things began to move pretty fast with contractions coming quite strong and very close together. At this stage I kept my eyes closed and stayed very much in the zone, constantly using Tessa’s breathing techniques throughout.

Unfortunately baby had gone back to back so I did struggle to be able to get in any positions I had envisaged, but my head was in the right place and I was able to stay calm. About 8 hours later I was 8 cm dilated but I wasnt dilating any further, meaning baby couldn’t move down into the birth canal.

Eventually the decision was made for a c section. However this was a very positive experience, we were able to discuss the options, we felt calm and it did not feel like such a scary scenario while I was still ok and so was baby. Again, once I was taken to theatre I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing to stay calm, which helped massively.

At 2:47 Ernest was born weighing 7lb 11oz. It was a lovely, positive experience and I am so glad I did yoga to keep fit and use the breathing, which really did help me throughout the birth.

I also can’t thank Tessa enough for the support after the birth too. The yoga classes and baby classes are a real support network. She has put me in touch with mums with babies who are a similar age, which has been a brilliant group to have. Being able to meet up and speak to other mums really has been a fantastic experience and an important part of our journey.

“Tessa Clemson Yoga - your yoga studio in Great Harwood, serving Hyndburn, Blackburn with Darwen, Ribble Valley & Burnley”

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