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New Workshop with Jordan Breath & Body Connection

Breath & Body Connection Workshop

Sunday 9th July


£25 per person

The "Breath and Body Connection" workshop is a 2 hour immersive experience designed to deepen your understanding of the profound connection between the breath and body movement.

This workshop aims to help participants develop a stronger and more intimate relationship with their breath and bodies, ultimately enhancing their yoga practice.

Through a combination of guided meditation, breathwork exercises, yoga postures and reflective discussions, participants will have more time and space to explore the breath and will gain valuable insights into its power and its influence on their yoga practice.

All levels welcome.

This workshop is for you if:

- You want to try yoga but want to build confidence to come to class

-You struggle to connect the breath with movement

-You sometimes forget the breath when working with the postures

-You would love to go deeper in your practice

-You would love more space to explore the breath without the confines of a short yoga class

You will need: Yourself, comfy clothes, water bottle, pen & paper should you want to reflect & write things down, yoga mat (optional)

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