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Mellow Mondays with Shine Babu

Do you want to learn more about where yoga comes from and the language we use?

Would you like to know the benefits of the postures and the spiritual elements of the practice?

Meet Shine @shine_wellnesstherapy our brand new teacher at Tessa Clemson Yoga.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or are looking to further develop your understanding and strengthen your practice, Shine’s classes will combine traditional elements of yoga with his diverse knowledge and expertise in alignment and therapeutic techniques.

Sounds amazing!✨

• Monday 5.25pm - Introduction to Hatha

• Monday 6.30pm - Yoga for Relaxation

Please bring cash to the studio or book online - £8 PAYG or £35 for 5 sessions (no time limit, can be used at any class exc. pregnancy/mummy and baby)

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