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Meeting tomorrow 9.30-11am - Great Harwood

Great Harwood has been awarded some funding for the high street. The idea is to create a greater sense of community and use local people’s ideas to direct how the funding is used, plus make long lasting positive changes.

There are drop in sessions organised for this Wednesday, see below:

09.30-11.00 – Tessa Clemson Yoga on Mill Street (off Church Street)

17.30-19.00 – Churchfield House (top of Church Street)

If you could come along to the meetings it would be greatly appreciated. Even if you live somewhere else, ideas and suggestions welcome. Please share with friends and relatives so we get as many people and ideas as possible :)

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Anyone free for filming tomorrow please?

There’s some promotional filming at the studio tomorrow (Monday), is anyone free to be the yogis please? Can be any time between 1.30-3.30pm If so please send me a message or email, thank you so much


All I’ve suggested is aimed at bringing the community together at an event that they enjoy and then on the back of this, encourage to do more and commit to things that are more long term and impact on the high street and residents who live there?


Run a mini Olympics for under 5’s. Fun games, just getting active, some prizes and all get a Great Harwood medal with photos in the local newspaper and local TV feature?


Have a Scarecrow festival event, one saturday, Local people put in their gardens, by front doors along high street? Themed? Olympics this year. Collection boxes along the way, cash raised to go to???


Money for planters to go outside businesses, each to plant with a theme and then have an award for best, most original? Encourage a Great Harwood in Bloom kind of event?

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