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Meet Sarah our new Yoga teacher…

Hi Tessa, hope this is along the right lines, but please change however you like ❤️ …

Sarah has always had a passion for fitness and discovered yoga around 12 years ago. She was initially drawn to the practice for its physical benefits, but her love for yoga grew due to its power to connect the mind, body, and spirit; bringing balance and peace into her life.

Having taught in secondary schools for over 22 years, it made perfect sense for Sarah to combine her passion of teaching with her love of yoga and she completed a 200 hour teacher training course in her favourite style, Vinyasa. Sarah loves this style as the fluidity of movement and breath work together to create a beautiful, dynamic flow.

Sarah is excited to be joining the team as she believes in the power of yoga to unite people and foster a sense of belonging. She said “Tessa Clemson’s studio has a really strong sense of community spirit and desire to connect people in the local area, and I'm eager to contribute to this supportive environment with the rest of the team”.

Sarah is covering for Caroline over the next few weeks, if you see her around the studio please say hello and introduce yourself :)

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