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Jordan is back next week!

Our lovely Jordan is back from France & is bringing a magical session to the studio next Thursday 20th June 7-9pm £22 per person ☀️

Join Jordan on this mystical journey where heart meets voice in a beautiful fusion of yoga & sacred sound, combined in exploration to help us reveal our authentic inner voice.

What to Expect:

• Heart & Throat Awakening: Dive into a specially crafted 1-hour asana sequence designed to open your heart & throat chakras.

• Breath of Life: Discover pranayama techniques to calm your mind & facilitate energy movement.

• Energy Flow Mastery: Learn to activate your bandhas (energy locks) to clear blockages & enhance the flow of vital energy.

• Sacred Sound Exploration: Immerse yourself in the world of mantra & song, understanding & experiencing the power of sacred sounds & voice activation.

Please book online - suitable for all levels including beginners ✨

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