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International Yoga Day 2022

Customary International Yoga Day Picture, a tradition from my yoga group in Dubai that I’ve kept going over the years - this time with my Over 60s ladies, thank you! ✨

As the years go by the more I realise yoga is so much more than the ‘yoga’.

More than the movement, it’s being mindful.

Yoga is connection - connecting people, connecting communities, connecting thoughts and ideas and worries with reassurances.

It’s about bringing together. Familiar faces and friendly smiles.

Losing track of time and finding a rhythm of thoughts and breath that feels more natural and free.

Yoga isn’t about your brand of leggings or how a pose looks. It’s the feeling, the movement, the awareness and thinking ‘that felt good…and I can’t quite put my finger on why’.

Yoga is letting go of perfect alignment, incense and clichés. Instead holding onto the good, breathing into the bad and noticing everything in between.

Yoga is space for people to just be.

Sometimes chatting, sometimes moving, sometimes quietly being aware, yet still.

Yoga is so much more than a physical practice.

Thank you to everyone who appreciates yoga for what it is, and to those who see yoga for everything it can be ☀️

p.s check out my shirt 😊

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