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Harwood’s Heritage

A fact that you may or may not know, but I studied Town Planning at the University of Liverpool in a previous life, specialising in regeneration and heritage.

I originally wanted to do architecture, but my Geography teacher at St Mary’s college encoraged me to apply for planning as it was more people centred, and I wasn’t the best at A Level Maths 🙈

From a young age I loved my Nanny telling me about her childhood in Blackburn, my grandad Bobby talking about the mills and I’ve always been really proud of being from the north, a Lancashire lass 🌹 studying planning and the way society uses spaces was so interesting, I loved learning how people could shape the places where they lived and worked without even knowing, and conversely, how needs, actions and habits moulded the tapestry of buildings and centres in our local areas.

Before I went off on my travels I worked in Chester for English Heritage on a project on community and regenerating a local street. It was exactly what I wanted to do and I helped to organise and promote creative ideas to bring the community together, but also ways to improve and regenerate the space for local people and businesses.

Then I moved to South Korea, where I worked on a project to preserve the historical buildings in Seoul, describing the character and features that should be preserved for future generations.

Time passed and life took me off on a different journey, teaching in a few countries and doing lots of travelling but I never lost my passion for people and places, and I definitely never lost my accent!

This new studio is the culmination of so many of my dreams and aspirations. Not just the yoga, but bringing a beautiful old building back to life is something I always imagined doing. We’ve worked hard to preserve as much as we can and some of the original fixtures and features will be beautiful parts of the new space, such as these original floorboards that we’re using for shelving.

Thank you to Lucas and his mum and dad for spending so long creating such beautiful things for the new studio.

I love thinking of the stories these things have lived through, and can’t wait to add our own chapter 🧘🏼

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