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Great Harwood’s levelling up & we want your ideas ☀️

I’m very happy and proud to be part of the panel for the Government’s High Street Accelerators Pilot Programme for Great Harwood’s high street, which is 1 of 10 in the country to gain £237k in funding.

Council officers, councillors, heads of community groups and other business owners make up the panel and over the next 15 months we will be discussing and planning where the changes are needed and where the money would be best used to improve our high street (and surrounding streets) and encourage more investment and growth.

The studio has people ranging in age and background, so your opinions and suggestions are really important as you already contribute massively to a thriving community within the town.  If you have any ideas please comment or send me a direct message and I will give your feedback to the panel. Thank you ♥️

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Anyone free for filming tomorrow please?

There’s some promotional filming at the studio tomorrow (Monday), is anyone free to be the yogis please? Can be any time between 1.30-3.30pm If so please send me a message or email, thank you so much

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How about create a day out but locally, which are themed?

So if people can’t get to the seaside because of cost or transport, create a pop up ‘day out at the beach’, or ‘petting zoo’ etc.


Ask young families, dads and mums what help they would like, babysitting, adopt a ‘grandparents scheme’ friendly baby support especially for young parents, single parents? So try to stimulate volunteering locally?


How about setting up a pop up cinema? Off shoot of Everyman in Clitheroe.

Ask for ideas for what films people want and put on along with drinks and food?


How about consulting with local secondary schools. Run an assembly, presenting what doing and asking year reps to join committee and input what different age groups want in the area, so clubs, sports, youth club?


How about a monthly food market/ crafts fair local producers? Could also follow on with classes in Indian cooking, vegetarian, crochet, knitting for beginners, gardening tips, flower arranging, make Easter decorations etc

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