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Full Moon Ritual - Tonight

Tonight 🌕 Thursday 26th October 6:15-7:30pm as she guides you through a magical Full Moon Ritual £15 ✨

The evening will begin with gentle seated movements aimed at connecting you to the core of your being, fostering a sense of inner tranquility.

You will then get comfortable and relax as you surrender to the soothing sounds of a Full Moon Sound Bath.

Throughout the evening, the ethereal tones of Koshi Wind Chimes will harmonize with the elements, enhancing our connection to the natural world and the celestial influence of the moon. This synergy will amplify the ritual's healing power.

The session will finish with a beautiful Mantra to end your practice.

Take care of your inner world ♥ available online now or on Wix under ‘services’ ✨all levels welcome, including beginners

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