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FAQs - coming to Tessa Clemson Yoga Studio & Wellness Space

• Where is the studio & wellness space?

Tessa Clemson Yoga

3 Mill Street

Great Harwood



• How do I book?

It's better to book online through the website or if you're planning to buy a block of classes, download the Wix App and use this code to connect to the studio:

On Wix you can book, reschedule and cancel sessions (if over 24 hours). If you prefer you can buy classes at the studio using card or cash and ask your teacher to add to your account, you can also book next week's class in person at the studio each time you come.

• How much are classes?

They’re £8 PAYG or £35 for 5 yoga classes. Specialist classes such as Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga, Sound Baths, Menopause Yoga and workshops are priced individually.

• What if I book a class and can’t make it?

You can move or cancel your class any time up to 24 hours before the session begins, eg. Tuesday 6.15pm class can be changed any time up to Monday 5.15pm. If you can make another class that week you are welcome to (i.e Monday-Sunday) but you can not run it into the next week (eg. can not move to the same class next week with less than 24 hours notice)

• Do I need to bring a mat?

Preferably yes, we do have some to borrow if it’s your first time or if you forget your own. We also have lots to buy in the shop at the front desk (£25).

• What style yoga do you teach?

There are 8 different yoga teachers, each has their own style but we all do variations of Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa Flow. We focus on moving with the breath and bringing awareness to how our bodies feel. Each class is levelled (see colour coded timetable), but it’s good to try different teachers to see who fits with your style and what you’re looking for from class.

• What should I wear?

Anything comfortable, people usually wear leggings or shorts with a T-shirt.

• Do I have to take my socks off?

It’s better if you do for gripping the mat, standing positions and grounding down. You can buy specialist yoga socks with extra grip from lots of online shops.

• Where should I park?

There’s lots of free parking around the studio, including Lowerfold Road on the opposite side of the main road, please be mindful of local residents. The original car park where the old studio was is only a 2 minute walk away, perfect if you plan on visiting Great Harwood’s other fantastic selection of shops, delis and cafes.

• Where should I wait before class?

There's a waiting area downstairs, your teacher will come and direct you to your class as there are two studios (one upstairs and one downstairs). Please only arrive 5 minutes before class, the front door is locked during sessions.

Missed anything important? Ask anything else you'd like to know below :)

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