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Even when the sun isn’t shining it is still feeding the moon...

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that I often use the symbol of a sunshine; it is my logo, I have a tiny tattoo sun on my wrist and I often post sunshine-y pictures on my social media.✨

I’ve said I will explain the sun logo for ages... and now seems particularly fitting. After leaving Uni I moved to South Korea and did a bit of travelling. I soon caught the travelling bug and decided to dedicate my twenties to seeing as much of the world as possible. I later moved to Thailand and lived in Nakhon Si Thammarat in the South, so our nearest border was Malaysia, and we would travel to Penang for our Visas.

Penang is a place I love; a World Heritage Site with lots of military history and amazing food. We wandered down Love Lane, explored abandoned military forts, discovered Chinese temples and ate Tandoori chicken in Little India. Life was exciting and I felt very free. I had no money but each day was an adventure. My cousin was with me and we were with a group of friends, I had just turned 24 and had the potential to go and do whatever I wanted.

Life should’ve been amazing; I was out visiting beautiful places, meeting interesting people and making memories, but I just didn’t feel right. Then one night waiting for a taxi we ended up speaking to the man in the photo. Conversation turned to where we were from and why we were there, then to how even though I was experiencing all these magical, exotic places I just felt nothing, as though I was really unappreciative.

Looking back on my Insta to May 2013 I called him a ‘Wise Sun Man’, and I suppose that’s what he was, though I have no doubt that his words sounded a lot more philosophical from being lost in translation. The man, (who was a Taxi driver) asked me how I could be sad when we lived in such a wonderful world, he told me ‘Look around, everything you see has a purpose. Everything needs each other, and most of all everything relies on the sun.’ He made me realise that we are part of a much bigger picture than ourselves. He told me ‘everything from the smallest ant to humans need each other, and the thing that keeps everything working is the sun. It makes the flowers grow, it brings us light and life...even when it isn‘t shining it is still feeding the moon’.

What he said stuck with me. I started to look up philosophy about positive thinking and the power of mindset. I loved the idea that even when we think the sun has gone, it’s still there lighting up the night sky. Similar to the analogy used of the sun behind the clouds...

Things change and time passes. Day turns to night and sometimes it can all seem dark, but it’s important to remember that no matter what, the sun is always there and will return. The same as now, during this pandemic it would be easy to dwell on the negatives - the clouds in the sky or the darkness that can sometimes surround us. But we need to remember and remind ourselves of the bigger picture. Things will get better, what’s happening now is just a phase, happier times will come again.

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Tessa Clemson Yoga
Tessa Clemson Yoga
Apr 28, 2020



I love this story Tessa. I remember you telling it in the reset workshop you did last year. It totally resonated with me and I use it to give myself a kick up the arse sometimes. Lots of love xx

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