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Yogi Baby is the perfect pregnancy journal, guide and keepsake for anyone travelling through pregnancy, birth and into early parenting. 


In this unique and beautifully created resource, you will learn how to connect to your body, breath and baby in preparation for birth and the postnatal period.  You will learn active positions for during labour, twinned with breathing techniques and advice for your partner. 


Designed as a workbook, Yogi Baby is brimming with practical advice and knowledge around pregnancy, the stages of labour, birth preferences and what to expect in the fourth trimester.  


A specialist in pre and postnatal yoga, Tessa has guided and supported hundreds of families in meeting their babies, with an emphasis on compassion, connection and building confidence.


Sprinkled with positive affirmations, top tips and opportunities for self-reflection, in Yogi Baby Tessa will guide you through each stage of your journey, combining pragmatic advice with journaling techniques and a gentle physical yoga practice. You are encouraged to savour your journey, tune into how you feel and celebrate your birth story by writing it down to keep and treasure forever. 


No matter how you meet your baby, all births can be empowering, uplifting and transformative when families are equipped with knowledge, support and tools for self-advocacy.

Yogi Baby Book

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  • Title: Yogi Baby

    Author: Tessa Clemson





    Description: Yogi Baby is the ultimate guide for expecting mothers who want to use the principles of yoga to guide them through pregnancy and beyond. Written by yoga instructor Tessa Clemson, this book covers all aspects of pregnancy, including prenatal yoga practices, breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises, and postpartum recovery.

    With its hardback cover and ring binding, Yogi Baby is durable and easy to use, making it the perfect companion for any expecting mother. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this book provides a comprehensive guide to using yoga to support your physical and emotional well-being throughout your pregnancy journey.


    • Comprehensive guide to prenatal and postnatal yoga
    • Breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises for pregnancy and beyond
    • Durable hardback cover and ring binding for easy use
    • Written by experienced yoga instructor Tessa Clemson

    Yogi Baby is the must-have resource for any expecting mother who wants to incorporate yoga into her pregnancy journey.

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