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Workshop with Jo - ‘Late Summer’ & how to book

Join Jo for her workshop at the studio ☀️two dates to choose from and limited places remaining:

• Friday 15th September 1-3pm

• Sunday 17th September 10am-12pm

£20 per person, please contact Jo directly to book @yogajo1

“Late Summer" is the additional season that sits between the fullness of Summer and the beginning of Autumn.

Just like the seasons cycle, our health is not a fixed state. When there are changes in nature, it’s important that we adjust to the natural rhythms and flow of the earth. Addressing our health in this way will help us cultivate balance throughout the year.

In this workshop we'll be considering ways to support our wellbeing as we transition between Yang (spring and summer) and Yin (Autumn and winter).

Late Summer is a time to return to our centre, to feel grounded and focus on the digestive system, nourishment, and stability.

Using the healing practices of both Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) you will learn simple practices that will help you to feel well, including Yin Yoga, gentle acupressure massage and Qigong.

The practice will begin with gentle movement to awaken our energy and a Qigong( subtle energy practice) sequence, targeting the stomach and the spleen.

We'll then access the Meridians (energy pathways), using longer held Restorative Yoga poses and gentle acupressure massage.

This practice is suitable for all levels of experience including beginners and everyone is welcome.

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