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‘Live to 100:Secrets of the Blue Zones’

I’m 2 episodes into ‘Live to 100:Secrets of the Blue Zones’ on Netflix where Dan Buettner travels around the world to find the secret to longevity & as it transpires, happiness.

So far, so much of what has been shown is what I get from yoga and the community at the studio:

• Daily movement, up & down, functionality

• A sense of belonging & community

• Fun & enjoyment

• Striving to be & feel healthy

• Ikigai - a Japanese word that roughly translates to meaning & purpose in life

To me the last point is probably the most important. I’ve heard of ‘Ikagai’ before watching Anthony Bourdain and the idea resonated with me then.

Yoga and everything the studio has achieved and represents has been my constant passion, the yogis and community my inspiration and the possibilities for the future have kept me going on days it could’ve felt overwhelming.

I’m interested to know if anyone else has watched it yet, and whether your yoga popped to mind as you thought about how your life has aspects of a Blue Zone? 🩵

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