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Birth Story - Bobby Everett - Yogi Baby

Bobby Everett my Yogi Baby- 28/05/2023

I had my last midwife appointment at 40+4 & was supported in my decision to not consider induction, opting to relax for a little bit longer & enjoy these last moments of pregnancy without any pressure. I had decided to perhaps have an aromatherapy sweep at Blackburn Birth Centre once I was past 41 weeks but I trusted that my body would birth my baby when I was ready, I had no twinges or feelings & just knew it wasn’t time.

People kept asking me if I was fed up, but I wasn’t at all. I was soaking up having a beautiful bump & some time to rest before baby arrived. I spent my last week doing yoga every day, taking time to connect with my baby and practising breathing away any worries or doubts, feeling strong and positive.

At 41 weeks I didn’t feel much different. It was Saturday of bank holiday weekend & I was feeling a little uptight about things I needed to sort at my yoga studio & last bits I needed to get ready. Our friends visited with their twin babies & I had a cuddle & asked lots of questions.

I felt baby would come the next day on Sunday so wanted to spend my last day with my little girl Frances. We made flower potions in the garden, baked crispy cakes & ate our tea in the sunshine. Then we had a bath & a ‘sleepover’ in my bed. It was the perfect end to having one baby & being ready to welcome my second into the world.

Me & Lucas went downstairs & watched First Dates, it has always been our favourite. As I went to bed I said ‘he’s coming tonight or tomorrow’, Lucas thought the Monday.

I slept for a couple of hours & woke up around 12pm to go to the loo. My tummy felt hard, something I hadn’t felt last time as Frances was back to back. I slept some more & when I woke up it was 1.30am & I could feel pressure slowly build & my tummy tighten regularly. I got up, put my playlist on & started to run the bath. After ten minutes I woke Lucas up & said I thought something was happening. I wanted to be on my own as I worked out how I felt. I started to time my contractions and they were lasting about 30 seconds every 1.5-2 minutes. I was using the timing more to count my breaths, as I swayed & rocked on all fours I knew that getting to the end of 7 or 8 breaths would give me chance to have a little rest, get my bag together, talk to Lucas & contact my family.

Lucas’ mum came over & I stayed upstairs in the dark, playing my favourite songs, moving through yoga positions and breathing through each contraction. I felt emotional leaving Frances in bed & kept going to kiss her, thinking the next time I would see her she would be a big sister & my heart would’ve doubled in size. She snoozed away, oblivious.

As I walked out the front door I had a contraction. Holding the step with my hands I squatted down low, swayed my hips & imagined my baby moving down my body. I kept visualising ‘I am calm. I am confident. I am connected’.

We put towels on the front seat & set off. I knew my body was open & I was getting ready but I just wanted to get to Blackburn. The journey was relaxed & calm. We chatted between contractions. I took photos & text my mum as I passed her house. It was 3.15am & I was feeling excited to meet my baby. Waves of fear sometimes started to build up as contractions grew but instead I visualised everything moving down, out & away.

As we pulled up to the Birth Centre Lucas dropped me at the front door. It was dark & peaceful. Karen, a midwife I know, was standing holding the door open, I said ‘I didn’t realise it was you!’ I was so happy. My whole body relaxed. I had arrived. I knew my way down to the room, it was where I used to teach yoga & where I’d had Frances. Everything was ready for us, the pool was full, the lights were dimmed - it was just how I remembered & imagined.

I was playing my music so started to line up about 15 minutes of my favourite songs. I took out my Yogi Baby book & showed Karen my birth preferences. As Lucas nipped to the car I needed the loo so went in & timed my contraction at 3:31am. I took a last photo of my bump in the same mirror I had when I’d had Frances. The photo was at 3.32am.

As I walked back into the room, I had an urge to squat down low. I had said ‘as soon as my waters go the baby will come fast’ & I was right. I held on to the bed & moved into a low squat. My waters popped & Karen was standing right by my side.

I climbed into the pool & Lucas came to where my head was & held the gas & air. I tried to slow everything down, ‘baby’s head’s there’ I said.

I practised panting breath but my body took over & in the next contraction my baby floated into the birthing pool & was passed onto my chest. He was perfect. The whole world seem to stop & hold its breath.

It was 3.43am.

I took some time to relax in the water as his cord stayed connected & we soaked up what had just happened.

Everything was perfect. Lucas cut the cord & my midwives wrapped me in warm blankets as I went over to the bed. Lucas had skin to skin with him as I got comfortable & warm. The next few hours were a magical blur. As the sun came up outside, we lay there talking about what we had just experienced.

We snuggled together on the double bed & soaked up every detail of our lovely baby. We had hours of skin to skin, passing him between us both, too excited to sleep.

As morning approached we opened the double doors & listened to the birds singing outside. The whole birth centre felt buzzing & happy, with the midwives working the next day also being ones I knew I was excited to see them. I wrote some notes in Yogi Baby so I would remember specific times and how I felt, we ate snacks & tried to nap here & there.

Frances had seen the Birth Centre a few weeks before, I’d shown her where she was born & where I’d hoped this baby would be born. When she was waiting at the front door I couldn’t wait to get her & bring her in. She confidently walked down to the room and had a good look in the ‘hot tub’. She wanted to know why my tummy was still big even though the baby was out, but she especially wanted some snuggles.

What a beautiful place for such amazing moments. We sat with the sunshine beaming in and introduced Bobby and Frances to each other. There was no rush to leave, lots of tea and toast and chatter.

We are so grateful for such an amazing experience, not just once but twice. Blackburn Birth Centre is a home away from home. I felt safe as soon as I was told I could come in, as soon as I arrived I knew I would be meeting my baby soon.

Everything was how I’d visualised & the level of care was exceptional. We were treated with compassion & my choices were respected throughout. I led my own birth & was able to follow my instincts & intuition. The surroundings are beautiful & the staff are very special. Karen was everything and more. We loved every bit of birth and those first few hours.

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😭 this makes me want to cry tears of joy for you all. What a wonderful experience. I know it doesn't always go as well for other mums but so glad it did for you. And the classic TEA AND TOAST!!!!!!! Just what I needed after having Luca 🥰 sending love to all you guys, Frances will be a fantastic big sister xxx


Oh Tessa thank you so much for sharing your story. I have shed happy tears reading this. Your experience is testament to the power of yoga and I am so happy that you had such an amazing experience. Enjoy your new bundle of happiness and soak in every moment. X

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