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New workshop with Shine & Hannah ☀️

Wednesday 31st May 7pm for 2 Hours & 15 Mins of Hatha Yoga & Sound Bath Mediation at Tessa Clemson Yoga Studio, Great Harwood £30 per person.

Hatha Yoga is a traditional form of yoga that focuses on the balance between body and mind. It incorporates asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation. Hatha Yoga practice emphasizes proper alignment, strength, flexibility, and breath control. Through gentle and deliberate movements, participants engage in a series of postures that promote physical well-being and cultivate a sense of inner calm and balance. Hatha Yoga is suitable for practitioners of all levels, making it accessible and inclusive.

Sound Bath Meditation is a therapeutic practise that uses a variety of instruments to create healing sounds and vibrations.

Hannah Rose Brabbs, at Good Vibrations Wellbeing, offers a fresh, inspired & musical approach to Sound Baths, Sound Healing & Meditation.

As a trained & working musician for over 10 years, she combines a melodic, enchanting, gentle and ethereal take on this wonderful healing therapy to create her own world of sound healing magic & alchemy.

Every Sound Bath is a curated experience inspired by the harmony of nature using sacred & acoustic instruments such as the divine Crystal Bowls, earthy Tibetan Bowls, flowing Tongue Drum, glittering Koshi Chimes & the warm, hazy drones of the Shruti Box. Hannah also uses softly sung mantras.

In this magical combo workshop, participants will be guided through a Hatha Yoga practise that combines mindful movement, breath awareness, and relaxation techniques.

Following the Hatha yoga practise, participants are guided into a state of deep relaxation for the Sound Bath Meditation. As the mind settles and tensions are released , participants can experience a profound sense of tranquility and connection within themselves.

Available now to book

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